Who We Are

Our Vision

We want to see the city of Columbia and surrounding areas saturated with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed.

Our Mission

We are a church who worships Jesus Christ our KING and makes disciples who represent Him to every man, woman and child.

Our Values

  • Intimacy and Communion with God

    Because Personally and as a Church our highest priority must be worship for apart from Jesus we can do nothing.

  • Sharing a Common Life

    Because sharing our lives with the church and people far from God was Jesus’ strategy to win the world and care for the church.

  • Every Disciple a Missionary where they live, work, study, and play

    Because the mission is just as much across the street as it is across the ocean.

  • Intentionally Diverse Racially, Socially, and Economically

    Because only the power of God can overcome cultural barriers and create a community that will resemble heaven.

  • Other Churches are Partners, NOT Competition

    Because reaching every man, woman and child is beyond the scope of one church, denomination, or network.

  • Service to the Community

    Because more often than not we must earn the right to be heard.

Our Affiliation

We are a Presbyterian Church. This means we are not making up our beliefs as we go. Our beliefs our rooted in the Bible and also through our church’s doctrinal commitments, the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms.

Also, we are not autonomous. We have accountability, through our denomination — The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church — at both a regional level (presbytery) and a national level (general synod).

Our Staff

Rev. Matt Awtrey serves as the Pastor of King’s Church. He attended Reformed Theological Seminary (Masters in Divinity) and has been a pastor since 2010. Matt, his wife Jeni, and his children Mary Belk, Eliza Kate, and Matthew moved to Columbia from Anderson, SC in 2016 to begin the work of planting a church. Matt has a passion for people experiencing and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Also, as a has-been athlete he enjoys working out, and often you can find him at the CrossFit gym desperately trying to relive the ‘glory days.’